Statics – Dynamics  (Kinematics  &  Kinetics)

Ata Atun




      Preface                                                                                      iii

      Contents                                                                                    iv

1       Introduction                                                        1                                              






2       Statics                                                                  3


            Vectors :

          Vector Description, Vector addition, Vector  Components, 

            Forces, Moments and Couples, Problems


            Equilibrium :                                                     16

            Newton’s laws, Force summation and components, Equilibrium

            of components and concurrent forces, Polygon of forces,

             two forces, three forces, paralel forces, problems


            Force systems :                                                 36

             Planes, Pulleys, Force systems, Free body diagrams,

            External Forces, Internal Forces, Structural forms, Problems


            Frameworks :                                                    54

            Support types, Equilibrium of structures and members,

            overturning, Problems


            Plane Frames :                                                  69

            Members and frames, Equilibrium and reactions,

            Stiffness, Frame Analysis, Method of sections, Problems


3                   Kinematics                                                     91


4                   Kinetics                                                           109


            Forces and motion

            Newton’s second law, problem solving, More on forces.



             Dry friction, Rolling resistance, Fluid friction, Problems


          Work and energy

             Work, power, efficiency, Kinetic energy, Potential energy,

             Gravitational energy, Impulse and Momentum,

             Types of collision, Impact forces, Problems