Auto CAD Lecture Notes






Chapter 1

Getting Started with the Basics in AutoCAD  


Get a quick introduction to AutoCAD.

Draw a line, select and delete objects, use dynamic input to enter commands, and change your view by zooming and panning.

Learn to use InfoCenter to access additional information.


Chapter 2

Drawing Setup in AutoCAD


Learn to set up a drawing environment in AutoCAD.

Use a drawing template file, switch to a 3D workspace, select drawing units, and set the plot scale.

Get an overview of model space and paper space.


Chapter 3

Drawing Objects in AutoCAD


Learn how to specify drafting settings to draw a circle, polygon, arc, and polyline.

Insert a hatch pattern into a closed boundary.


Chapter 4

Precision Drawing in AutoCAD  


Use precision drawing tools such as Grid, Object Snap, and Polar Tracking to create accurate measurements in drawings.


Chapter 5

     Modify Object Properties and Layers in AutoCAD


Modify object properties and layers.

Modify the properties of objects using the Properties palette and by changing layer properties.

Learn how to organize drawings with layers.





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