Technical Drawing Ed. III

Ata Atun




Title                                                                                                               i

Copyright                                                                                                      ii

Preface                                                                                                          iii

Table of Contents                                                                                          iv


CHAPTER1      Introduction                                                                        1

                          Essentials of drafting, Methods  of  expression

                          Methods of shape description, Methods of size

                          Description, Basic Machine elements                                


CHAPTER 2     Drawing instruments and their use                                   5

                          Cautions in the use of instruments, Drawing board

                          Tee square and set  square, Pencils, Drawing pens,

                          Line drawing  examples,  Eraser,  Drawing  Paper,

                          Spring Bows,  Dividers, Compasses , Lengthening

                          Bar , Scale rules , French  Curve ,  Preparation for



CHAPTER 3     Lettering                                                                            19

                          Lettering, Lettering Fundamentals, Basics of Letters,

                          General Notes on lettering, Stencils and transfers,

                          Exercise 1, 2, 3, 4


CHAPTER 4     Lines                                                                                   33

                          Lines, Alphabet of lines, Order of lines, Basics of

                          Drawing Geometric shapes, Drawing a frame & title

                          on an A4 size drawing paper, Exercise 5, 6, 7, 8 ,

                          Drawing geometric shapes, Drawing Parallel lines,

                          Drawing a parallel line from a given distance,

                          Drawing perpendicular lines, Exercise 9, Geometry

                          of lines and curves, Angles, Triangles, Pentagon

                          Hexagon, Polygon, Arc and Lines, Ellipse, Arches

                          Helix, Parabola, Hyperbola, Sine Curve,

                          Exercise 10, 11, 12


CHAPTER 5     Lines in application                                                           67

                          Scale Drawing, Dimensions, Enlarging, Holes,                 

                          Radius, Order of Dimensioning, Conventional

                          Symbols, Development of Surfaces, Exercise 13, 14, 15






CHAPTER 6     Shape Description                                                               81

                          Six principal views, ISO-A Method, The six principal

                          Views of ISO-A method, ISO-E Method, The symbol

                          of ISO-E method, The six principal Views of ISO-E

                          method, Projecting views, Selection of views,

                          Orthographic projection, Projection of surfaces,

                          Projection studies, Free Hand drawing, Exercise 16    


CHAPTER 7     Cross Section                                                                     105

                          How sections are shown, Sectional arrows and

                          Identification letters, Types and places of cutting

                          Plane and section, Types of sections, Exercise 17,18,19


CHAPTER 8     Pictorial Drawing                                                              115

                          Pictorial methods, Axonometric projection,

                          Isometric Projection, Dimensions of isometric

                          projections, Isometric drawing, Isometric

                          projection of irregular surfaces, Nonisometric

                          lines, Dimetric projection, Trimetric Projection,

                          Oblique Projection, To make an oblique drawing,

                          Cavalier drawing, Cabinet drawing, Military

                          Drawing, Circles in oblique, Choosing the best

                          oblique view, Orientation of prism on a drawing

                          paper, Perspective Drawing, Use of vanishing

                          points and measuring lines, Station point, Perspective

                          drawing with measuring points, Freehand Pictorial

                          Sketching, Steps of free hand pictorial sketching,

                          Exercise 20





                          CIVIL                 ENGINEERING                               Department                    147
ELECTRICAL   ENGINEERING                               Department                    167
MECHANICAL                             ENGINEERING   Department                    177



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