Year 2007 Academic Comments on Cyprus’ Politics - 6

Ata Atun




Introduction                                                                                           vii


Introductory Article by Prof. Dr. Ata Atun                                             1

Two-headed Trojan horse                                                                      2

When division took place in Cyprus                                                      4

Partition inclination in Cyprus                                                              6

The old horse of the UN: The Cyprus problem                                       8

Is it a petrol crisis or a trick for sovereignty                                        10

How Greek Cypriots deceived European Union                                   12

Cyprus-France military accord:

       Will it deepen gap between Turkish and Greek Cypriots?           14

The wall built in 1964 is finally demolished                                        16

Two politically equal and sovereign peoples live on Cyprus                18

Greek mercenaries in south Cyprus                                                   20

Thousands of Greek settlers in the island                                          22

Other face of Cyprus problem                                                              24

Ottoman monuments grounded by Greeks in Cyprus                         26

Who created the Cyprus problem?                                                      28

Presidential elections: Headscarf vs democracy                                  30

Is the time bomb ticking under Cyprus                                               32

The new direction for Turkey: Eurasian Union                                   34

Greeks driving the Cyprus settlement off the rails                             36

Is UN Resolution 541 (1983) still valid?                                               38

The shame of the EU:

       Exclusion of KKTC universities from the Bologna process           40

Our enemy is Ankara, not the Northern Cypriot Turks                      42

Partition: Incontestable future of Cyprus                                            44

Who destroyed the independence of Cyprus?                                     46

KKTC authorities should prosecute Arestis                                        48

Wasn’t Direct Trade already paid for?                                                 50

Cyprus is the home of two nations, not one                                        52

Have you heard of Iphestos files                                                          54

Callous slaughtering of Greeks by Greeks in Cyprus                         56

Hellenic support to international terrorism                                        58

The Green Line of Cyprus                                                                    60

Confederation: The best solution for Cyprus                                       62

Is the KKTC a pseudo state                                                                  66

Overshadowed accession of Cyprus                                                    68

Is there a shadow hanging over Cyprus membership?                       70

Embargoes on Turkish Cypriots date back to 1965                            72

Why the Cyprus problem cannot be solved                                         74

What the July 22 elections will change                                               78

Greek Cyprus unwilling for new start of negotiations                         80

Hot days in Greek Cypriot elections                                                    82

Is Enosis still on the agenda?                                                              84

Historic mission and word of Papadopoulos                                        86

Time for the US to turn its face towards Turkey                                 88

Which direction for Turkey: East or West?                                          90

UN and EU: Both harming the Cyprus issue                                      92

Partition in the agenda for Cyprus                                                      94

Federation wars in Greek Cyprus                                                        97

Eurasian Union nearing reality                                                         100

Greek fiction: Cyprus problem started on 1974                                102

Greek barricades of shame in Cyprus                                               104

Talat-Papadopoulos meeting has no future                                       106

When will the Greek mercenaries and settlers go back?                  108

Greek Cypriots are not keen on a solution                                        110

Turkey’s intervention is legal                                                            112

Greek Cypriots not keen on a solution                                              114

What happened to the old comrades in Cyprus                                116

The Greek chorus on stage again                                                      118

Whose existence is illegal in Cyprus?                                               120

Cemetery for Greek soldiers in Southern Cyprus                             122

Property exchange nightmare in Southern Cyprus                          124

Erdoğan’s visit to US: Start of a new era                                           126

Why not two independent states in Cyprus?                                    128

Turkish Armed Forces: The real peacekeeping force in Cyprus        130

Turkey: At the crossroads of Eurasia                                                133

Somebody is pushing Turkey to disorder                                          136

Greek Cypriot struggle to stop ferries from Famagusta                     138

Talat vs. Papadopoulos                                                                      140

The Greek Cypriot-PKK connection                                                   142

EU should stop Greek Cypriot support for terrorists                         145

Barzani, the PKK and the Sévres Peace Treaty                                 148

Inevitable Turkey-Iran-Syria-Russia alliance                                   150

Envenomed 2007 EU Progress Report                                               152

The barren High Level Contact Group for Cyprus                             154

Time for KKTC to open further offices in Middle East                        156

Cyprus: Two democracies, two states,

       two languages and two religions                                                 158

Who is lying: Hristofias or AKEL?                                                      160

Turkey: Undisputed leader of the Middle East                                  162

Why Turkey is not keen on the Gambari Agreement                        165

The fall of the federal solution with Papadopoulos                            168

The new politics of the Cyprus issue                                                 170

If the Greek Cypriots said “Yes” to the Annan Plan                           172

Confederate Republic of Cyprus                                                        174

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (1)                                               177

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (2)                                               180

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (3)                                               182

Cyprus’ history from 1960 to 2008 (4)                                               184




























This is the sixth book on “Academic Comments on Cyprus’ politics” and covers the year 2007 from the beginning to end.

The first five, titled “Kıbrıs Siyasetine Akademik Bakış -1” followed by two, three, four and five of the same series, were written in Turkish, covering a period starting from Dec. 2003 to Dec.  2007.


The pressures from the Turkish Cypriot Diaspora, living in English speaking countries, to write political commentary on the issue of Cyprus in English were very strong. This, combined with demand from regular Turkish Cypriots, prompted me to write this book. 


To be very honest and sincere, I would like to confess that it is very hard to write historical and political commentary in a language other than my native language.    


To write comments in the English language and particularly on “Cyprus’ Politics” is a challenge, inviting serious criticisms: however, I am ready to face them.

This book does not boast to be a comprehensive study of political events, but rather a commentary on the important issues of today, based on a deep knowledge on the recent Cypriot history and Greek way of thinking. 


I have tried to draw a realistic picture of the existing political situation on the island and to unveil the facts which were denied by the Greek Cypriots for decades, becoming erased from the recent history of the island -- events such as the clandestine sneaking of the Greek troops, numbering as much as 20,000, onto the island in the year 1964 in an effort to wipe out the Turkish Cypriots. This incident was so cleverly hidden form the public and erased from history that you can not find it in the Greek Cypriot history nor in the recorded press belonging to that era: however it remains in the reports of the UN and memoirs of the Greek politicians.


The Greek propaganda machine has the power and means to manipulate with careful planning, thereby altering history.   


My special thanks go out to the authors who had an objective and unbiased understanding of Cypriot affairs and dared to write down their own findings without being affected by powerful Greek propaganda.


If there are mistakes of fact or errors of judgments in the pages which follow, I alone am to blame.






Prof. Dr. Ata ATUN

February 25, 2008